A Framework that was built in house

Other software houses use 3rd party frameworks. These frameworks are great most of the time however they have many disadvantages.

They are advertised as low cost, quick to implement, all-rounders that accomplish all your needs in a very generic manner. This, however, assumes that their customer's businesses are run in an equally generic manner.

20 years of experience has made it very clear, this "generic manner" assumption is unreliable. Over 90% of TeacupLive's business is thanks to this "generic assumption".

We do not rely on 3rd party framworks. We have built our own.

Flexibility is key

The TeacupLive framework is fully customisable. From the layout to the security. Even things like font type, colours and custom reporting.

Would it surprise you to know that this very presentation, website and webpage runs on the same framework?

This is one of many critical viewpoints that allow our clients along with us to achieve mutual success.

Custom development and Support

Although TeacupLive remains the property of TeacupLive, any custom development will remain on the client's custom package. Any data entered into TeacupLive will remain the clients property. This data can be provided in a RAW sql file on request.

Custom development will be quoted, time estimated and agreed to before the commencement of work.

Support is available via email, hangouts and WhatsApp for enterprise members. The Average response time within the South African timezone is less than 2 hours.

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