Security is never taken lightly

Our client's data is seen as being critically important.

We have provided software solutions to health and safety industries where security breaches and or loss of data could cause damages to both property and even physical harm.

A pragmatic and honest approach is taken. We know and accept that any system or software open to users can be breached. Even the most well backed up data can be lost. Keeping this in mind and being realistic assures that all possible steps are taken to keep your data secure and safe.

Teacuplive has built-in logging systems that log every event. We log the user, the time, users IP locations down to every click. These logs are kept for at least one month and can be viewed on request.


Backup the backups and then one more for luck

We incorporate 1 standard and 2 optional backup processes.
Two of these methods are optional because they induce additional costs.

  • Daily backups of all files and data are encrypted and synced to a second offsite locations.
  • A live data mirror. We can mirror your data to a second off site location. This happens live and to the millisecond. (optional)
  • Load balance servers that can be switched on if your system becomes too busy. These servers include both data and file syncing. (optional)

Types of backup: Full, Incremental, Differential, and Others

Knowing your data and files are backed up and monitored removes stress allowing you to focus on the important day to day tasks.


Flexible hosting

TeacupLive currently runs on servers located in Germany, England and the USA.
Additional locations for hosting can be used if required.
Example: This website is currently running on our Munich - Germany server.

The speed of this website is comparable to a TeacupLive system running on the same server at the same location.

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