Not just an ERP system

Software is meant to improve and streamline your business, NOT complicate it.
TeacupLive Enterprise accomplishes this using the methodology of "Less is more".

Improving your business using only what is needed at first, and then as you grow the software will grow with you.

How is this accomplished?

Over the last 20 years, we have built custom solutions for many industries, ranging from manufacturing to health services and to legal.

TeacupLive has grouped this vast range of experience and knowledge into foundations that we then use as platforms in order to build from.

This adds huge value to any software we build, allowing us to mould past solutions to fit your exact needs without expending excess energy and costs associated with traditional problem-solving software solutions.

Simply Put

TeacupLive Enterprise is not just software.
It's 20 years of problem solving and improving businesses using technology.

Foundation and Framework