Reports and Interfaces

With all systems, the data you put in is very import, as this data is later formulated into reports. Reporting is the value one gets from a system and can be argued as being the most important part. TeacupLive has many live running reports as well as many versions of input interfaces. A list of these reports and interfaces are listed below. New reports can be built at the client's request.


  • Staff Production Report
  • Current Open Orders
  • Planned Vs Actuals Cost and Time Analysis
  • Completed Orders By Date
  • Quote deal pipeline reports


  • Details Live Overview of all Job activity
  • Barcode interface to track and log times on jobs
  • Manual touch or keyboard interface to track and log times on jobs
  • Planning screen to overview jobs than need to be planned and assigned to resources
  • Resource/Machine Calander Timeline system allowing live capacity monitoring
  • Delivery Monitoring and TripSheet System
  • Live scrolling ticker board displaying all open orders

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