Now that the important, all be it slightly boring areas have been covered.
We hope that you feel at ease with regards to security and have a general idea of where we come from. Now it's time to go through more exciting areas.

New modules are being added all the time and included with TeacupLive Enterprise at no additional cost, this does not include client specific custom development.

Job/Task tracking module

TeacupLive was originally designed as an advanced Job card/Task tracking solution. This is at its core. This module is suitable for all industries that need to cost and monitor, time and resources.

Module Features

  • Orders and task loading and tracking
  • Manual start-stop timers for jobs by users - Office Use
  • Barcode/QR Code start-stop timers for jobs by users - Workshop or Mobile Use
  • Live to the second overview of task job activities
  • Live to the second overview of labour/job costs actuals vs planned
  • Automatic alerts linked to preprogrammed calculations, example on estimate completion times or resource over-usage
  • Easy to view status drill-down on the main screen
  • Resource and Cost allocations to jobs
  • Order/Job Groupings
  • Planning screen to send jobs to production
  • Live drag-drop job to resource allocation. Resources can be a resource that has a time capacity, example labour or machine
  • Jobs are process-driven. Processes can be sequentially locked or floating. Each job can have multiple or single processes with custom costs and estimate time requirements
  • Processes can be pre-loaded as recipe templates with resource bill of materials (if needed)
  • Documents can be uploaded to jobs, example drawings or specifications. These can be automatically appended to the job card printout.
  • Complete history of all your orders and tasks are kept for 10 Years, older ones are automatically archived.

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