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Teacup Light

A Job Card tracking system for small business.

Manufacturing ERP Software

With our manufacturing software you can track your job cards, manage material usage, monitor labour efficiencies and get accurate order costs. Start getting all the benefits of a professional job card tracking software solution today.

Customised Business Software

You can get a custom business app or software solution built quickly and professionally by us. From mobile apps to hardware integration, we provide the best software solutions and service.

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Other Services

We have provided the following services to many of our happy clients.
Business Websites, Learning Management System, Accounting Software, CAD Engineering, 3D printing, Product Prototyping and Marketing, CIPC Business Administration, Technology Consulting.

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Manufacturing financial software

Krost Shelving

Best accounting software for small manufacturing business

Mfg software

Software production

Manufacturing and costing of computer software

Best mrp software

Supply chain software

Best accounting software for small manufacturing business

Manufacturing execution software

Manufacturing and costing of computer software

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Teacup Light
A 100% free to use, bare bones version of Teacup Live

A Job Card tracking system built for small business. You can quickly load and track your job's status, running times and history.